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What are your hours of operation?

Each of our restaurants varies in the hours that they are open. Please check directly with your local restaurant to determine the exact hours of operation on any given day

Are you open for lunch?

Most of our restaurants are open for lunch. However, please check directly with your local restaurant to determine the exact hours of operation on any given day.

Can I make a special request to have a personalized menu?

Yes, we can add a short personalized message to the top of our menu. When you make a reservation, just let the host know what the occasion is and what you’d like the menu to say (e.g. Happy Birthday, John!)

Do your menus offer options other than seafood?

Yes. We offer selections to satisfy every palate – even the non-seafood lover. In addition to fresh seafood, our menus feature a variety of aged steaks, poultry, entrée salads, pasta and more.

Is there a dress code?

While we have no formal dress code and welcome guests in whatever attire they feel most comfortable, the majority of our guests are generally dressed in “smart casual” or “business casual” attire.

What credit cards to you accept?

Our restaurants accept most major credit cards, including VISA, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Diners Club and JCB.

Can you accommodate guests with dietary restrictions, including vegetarians and those with specific food allergies or someone who might be on a special diet?

Our chefs will do their very best to accommodate specific requests regarding food allergies and other dietary restrictions. Feel free to call the restaurant in advance to inquire about your specific needs. Once in the restaurant, please let your server know exactly what your needs are as well, so that they can be clearly communicated with the kitchen staff.

Do you have a children’s menu?

Yes. All of our restaurants offer a children’s menu featuring a wide variety of child-friendly options at an affordable price.

Do you offer healthy options?

Seafood in general provides a very healthy source of protein. All of our restaurants can accommodate requests to simply grill any variety of seafood without added sauce or other accompaniments. Additionally, requests for double vegetables instead of starch can be accommodated by request.

Do you offer take-out?

Accommodations for take-out requests vary by location. Please call your local restaurant to inquire about details.

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